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At Samsung AR Emoji Studio, we offer the opportunity to create personalized avatars that bear a striking resemblance to you. You're encouraged to experiment with outfits and poses to capture your likeness. We are of the belief that the avatar creation process should be engaging yet straightforward. To appeal to our main demographic, the Millennials and Gen Z, we have carefully contemplated their perspective on emojis and the style of avatars they prefer and we have designed the app to facilitate effortless creation of unique avatars that maintain their distinct appeal across various situations.

Graphic png / 3D
Creative Fields
Graphic planning / Graphic design
Project Manager
Lim Yongdae
Cho Ahran, Kwon Aerin, Kwon Youngae, Heo Kyungjin, Hwang Bomi, Kwon Soyeon, Kim Nuri, Kim Junkyu, Shim Yookyung, Kim Minah
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