KT Customer Center APP Renewal


The KT Customer Service App is a compact, comprehensive hub for accessing a wide array of services provided by KT. Upon initial entry, the streamlined card view design allows for instantaneous visibility of data, voice, and text usage as well as the remaining balance. Our objective is to provide a tailored user experience, creating an exceptional UX. Rather than overwhelming users with information about all possible plans, we've adjusted our approach, intelligently structuring information and menus around the plans to which clients have subscribed. In addition, we've incorporated 'Talk Search,' an innovative feature offering an AI-based chatbot consultation service.

Mobile App (Android/iOS)
Creative Fields
UX Design / GUI Design / HTML Markup
Project Manager
Choi Woosik
Kim Jihye, Kang Soyeon, Ko Youngwook, Kim Sujeong, Park Jehoon, Jeong Hyojin
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