KDB NextRound


KDB NextRound stands as South Korea's premier market-based venture investment platform.
Capitalizing on an online platform that allows for non-face-to-face investment discussions, we have revamped the platform's information structure, as well as the UX/UI design. This approach overcomes the temporal, spatial, and linguistic constraints inherent to offline environments, paving the way for increased participation from large corporations and global VCs. We offered a variety of services such as real-time broadcasted Live IR services, personalized investment recommendations, IR documentation requests for better communication between companies and investors, and Open Innovation services, to stimulate investment inflows and business collaborations via connections between startups, investors, and medium-sized businesses.

Responsive Web
Creative Fields
UX Design / GUI Design / S.W Development
Project Manager
Choi Yongseok
Hwang Junho, Ahn Hyunseo, Choi Seungjin, Choi Yikyung, Lee Sanghyo, Shin Sangseop, Jang Yujin, Park Hyungil, Yoon Seonghyeon, Choi Yongsoo, Han Suyeon, Kim Yeongkyung, Lim Seonghee
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