Signal Design System


The Design System at Hynix has been meticulously established to facilitate Digital Transformation (DT) and promote an Agile organizational culture. It is intended to create a universal language and set of standards, integrating individual systems into a cohesive, synergistic whole. This robust, consistent, and organized system not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets the stage for business expansion.

PC Web
Creative Fields
GUI Design / Motion Design / S.W development
Project Manager
Choi Yongseok
Kim Woohyun, Lee Soae, Lee Hyunjin, Jeong Eungyo, Kim Donghwi, Choi Yikyung, Choi Seungjin,
Kwon Youngae, Hwang Jinah, Lee Jinho,
Lee Euntaek, Kim Jungyu, Sim Yugyeong, Kim Taehee,
Kim Hyangae, Kang Bumin, Ahn Dayoung, Park Hyungil, Yoon Seonghyeon, Choi Yongsoo,
Han Suyeon, Lee Sanghyo, Shin Sangseob,
Jang Yujin, Kim Heetaek, Kim Youngkyung
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