WENZI APP / System Development and Operations


WENZI is a proprietary project from H-nine, functioning as a specialized platform for artisan classes. Users can partake in introductory one-day workshops or engage in more advanced, regular courses, and have the opportunity to purchase distinctive handmade creations. The platform is segmented into 28 categories, encompassing areas such as flower arrangement, fine arts, baking, and pottery, and allows users to customize aspects such as class schedules, participant numbers, and the products they create. WENZI serves as a conduit for instructors to market their classes, offering users a unique experience in crafting their masterpieces.

PC Web / Mobile App
Creative Fields
Concept Planning / UX Design / GUI Design / S.W Development
Project Manager
Kim Jungho
Yoon Soyoon, Park Soohyun, Kim Kyungsoo, Kim Minkyung, Ahn Dayoung, Noh Juhoon, Hwang Insun, Kwon Aerin
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