LG Design Lab 0.2


LG Designlab 0.2 is an innovative service predicated on Visual Communication Design, designed to captivate young talent and foster a cyclical pattern of participation and experience sharing. We have established a unique Visual Identity for LG Designlab 0.2, employing this as the foundation for our website and mobile application development. Our UX/UI design ensures that anyone with an interest in design can readily access valuable information through Designlab 0.2.

Brand Identity / PC Web / Mobile App
Creative Fields
UX Design / GUI Design / S.W Development
Project Manager
Lim Yongdae, Jeong Hyojin
Lee Changsun, Hwang Insun, Sa Yoonji, Kwon Aerin, Choi Seungjin, Han Jinyoung
Next Project
KT Customer Center APP Renewal