Capture the charm of your feline friends effortlessly with the OwaO AR camera app, an essential tool for cat owners everywhere. This app empowers you to showcase the captivating allure of your beloved cats, capturing everything from their unnoticed endearing antics to their unique moments that may otherwise be missed.

AR camera app (android, iOS) / Homepage
Creative Fields
Graphic Design / Media Art / S.W Development with Camera Detecting
Project Manager
Lee Euntaek
Lim Yongdae, Kwon Youngae, Sa Yoonji, Kim Nuri, Jang Beomseok, Lee Euntaek, Choi Junyong, Heo Kyungjin, Seoseok, Hwang Bomi, Shim Yookyung, Woo Kyungmin, Kim Chaena
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