Meet The Real Me HENCE,
A Taste Connection Platform

Quinvir Square

HENCE is a new trend mobile app service that combines SNS and shopping.

We have created a UX/UI that allows users to express their tastes and continuously explore their interests. In this process, we flexibly connect taste discovery and consumption to provide an experience that leads to shopping easily without moving between platforms.

In addition, we have established an administrator system that allows service managers to conveniently register content and efficiently manage and analyze member and content data.

Mobile App (Android, iOS), PC Web
Creative Fields
UX Design / GUI Design / S.W Development
Project Manager
Lee Jungki
Kim Jisue, Kim Jisue, Yun suyoung, Moon Jihee, Moon Jihee, Park Giwoong, Choi likyoung, Choi Seungjin, Lee Dahye, Shin Hyunjun, Sung Seungyeon, Lee Yujeong, Han Sol, Park HyoungIl, Kim Namkyun, Choi Yongsoo, Gu Heesub, Han Juyeon, Jung Minji, Chae seoungpyo, Ha Minu, Lee Sanghyo, Jeong Hyeonjeong, Shin Yoonji, Youn Younsong
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HENCE 평범한 이야기가 특별해지는 곳

Project Overview

People in modern society express themselves on SNS with various ‘tastes’, including what they have and what they have experienced. And through this, we influence each other and redefine and expand our tastes.
During this process, users are experiencing the inconvenience of having to move between multiple platforms or sites to communicate and consume information about their preferences. HENCE started with the goal of enabling taste exploration and consumption on one platform.
core values 1
Content that makes your lifestyle more colorful and interesting
core values 2
Social media
Social media where users share their thoughts and influence
core values 3
Curation of valuable and rare brands
Brand Mission
It allows you to discover a lifestyle
that adds new meaning
and value to your daily life.

UX Concept

We provide differentiated services by adding HENCE's unique identity to the usability of existing social media.
We wanted to build a seamless user experience that allows users to share their authentic tastes, explore similar interests, and even lead to consumption.

CONNECTION social media and shopping
                        Connect flexibly, CONTINUITY uninterrupted and continuous
                        Content navigation, EXPANSION through continuous exploration expansion of communication
design Concept AMPERSAND The service experience that continues through sharing was expressed with the motif of & and applied throughout the UI. FLIP Immersive experience through interaction that flips posts in the feed
                    Make content navigable. CURVE The capital letter ‘o’ uses a suit font that is close to the original size.
                    We created a sense of visual unity with the curved logo.
쿠폰 적립금 지급
hence image
feed image
like motion
헨스 앱 아이콘
평범한 이야기가 특별해지는 곳
person image
hence icon
사진가이자 작가로 사는 그남자, 장우철 #헨스가 만난 사람들 #헨터뷰 #Curation
typography&colors suit font 가나다AaBbCc 123#@!? 평범한 이야기가 특별해지는 곳
#F36303 #0B0B0D #484849
icon list

Seamlessly browse related posts

You can flip each post image in the feed to see thumbnails of other related posts.
When you select a thumbnail, the selected post is presented as a sheet and you can continuously flip
the image to explore content in an immersive way.
You can return to the previous screen at any time, or close the Sheet and return to the feed.
소중한 경험이 가득한 곳, 헨스! 일상의 소중한 추억이 특별한 경험으로 가득한 곳, 헨스!

Link shopping with
feed post item tags

Users can tag items in curation (shopping) in the post image. You can simply add item information wherever you want. The added item tag is exposed above the feed image, and you can check detailed information about the product by going to item tag selection and security(shopping)
hence app screen

Search for items in users’
daily lives in shopping

When checking a product while shopping, it goes beyond simple product reviews and provides a more interesting shopping experience by exposing users' actual use of items in their daily lives through feed posts
shpping screen
shpping detail screen
tag screen

Real time in-app communication

You can immediately check likes and scrap reactions to your posts and communicate with users through real-time chat
chat bubble
chat bubble
chat screen
hence logo shirt
hence business card
hence logo bag
hence advertisement
hence feed screen