UX Studio


UX Studio is a robust platform designed to facilitate the rapid and seamless development of high-caliber UX web interfaces. It offers steadfast design guidelines to ensure a uniform UX and Design Output while providing three leading frameworks - Bootstrap, React, and Vue - to streamline development processes by these design principles. Our service allows for comprehensive UX evaluations within the platform, and cultivates a community for the sharing of knowledge, work products, and assets, resulting in amplifying operational efficiency.

PC Web
Creative Fields
UX Design / GUI Design / S.W Development
Project Manager
Jeong Hyojin
Kang Seungah, Ko Youngwook, Kim Yuri, Kim Yeonsun, Kim Eunji, Kim Jihyun, Park Bongjoon, Park Hyungil, Shin Hyunjoon, Shin Sangseop, Wu Yuri, Yoojin, Lee Sanghyo, Lee Euntaek, Jung Eunkyo
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